Roof Bolting Machines (Roof Bolters)

Bolter 88

The Bolter 88 is a bolting drill rig for mechanized roof support, featuring two Montabert HC50 drifters, a carousel for 7-10 bolts and a welded mesh handling arm. The independant drill and bolting rig feeds together with the strong but simple design, helps to speed up the production cycle.

Roof Bolter 88 Applications:
  • Suitable for Split Sets, rebarresin bolts, hydrabolt and Swellex rockbolts.
  • Length of bolts applied: 5´, 6´, 7´, 8´ and 10´.
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Small Bolter 88

The Small Bolter 88 is a small bolting drill rig for mechanized roof support in narrow tunnel excavations. This roof bolter features two Montabert drifters, HC50, with an application range of: roof height from 3.5 up to 5.0 m. This 4WD articulated carrier is self-propelled by diesel, with a width of 1.30 m, speeding up the production cycle and removes the use of high risk tasks.

Small Roof Bolter 88 Applications:
  • The Small Bolter 88 is used for mechanized roof support of small headings.
  • A high productivity of up to 7,000 bolts per month can be expected.
  • Turret for Split Set, Hydrabolt, rebar, Swellex, resin and cement; lengths: 7, 8 and 10′
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